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Plone CMS

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Plone is an open source Content Management System (CMS), and this piece of software powers a wide variety of portals.  You may have heard a Plone site called a "Plone portal", "staff portal", or "eResearch space". If you recognise one of these terms, then you're likely to be using a site powered by the eResearch Centre.  If you've got questions about how to use the software, read on.

Using Plone

New documentation is under development and the in-progress version is available now!  The current documentation on this site is being gradually migrated across and restructured for ease of reading.

If you have questions about using any of the portals at JCU that are powered by Plone, please consult the links below for instructions.  Additional documentation is available in the Help Centre. If are unable to find a solution here, please contact your site administrator and they will direct your request accordingly.

Mailing lists

If you'd rather ask a question or need information in a little more depth than the details we have here, you can join our mailing list (JCU only for now) at

If you want to be kept up-to-date with the latest information about updates, security, and other administrative information about your Plone-powered site, then please subscribe to the main Plone mailing list at

Note: For managing your subscription on mailing lists, you will need to log into Sympa (the mailing list manager).  After clicking a mailing list link below, log in by clicking the 'JCU-CAS' link at the top-right hand corner of the site.  Enter your JCU credentials on the JCU authentication page, and then you will be logged into Sympa.

Consultancy and training

Group of studentsWhether you need information about sensor networking or web-based collaboration, the JCU eResearch Centre can assist you.  If you're just starting to assess requirements and not sure what you want, we're happy to hear from you.  Similarly, if you're more experienced and looking for some higher-level information or training for yourself or your users, we're able to help you out as well.  For example, we excel in training in the areas of our web-collaboration portals.

Research Portfolio

If you are looking for information about or assistance in editing your JCU Research Portfolio, user guides and other help information can be found in the Research Portfolio Help Centre.