Intelligence Informatics for Tropics

Intelligence Informatics for the Tropics

The intent of Intelligence Informatics for the Tropics (IIT) is to improve quality of life in the tropics through advanced IT and intelligence informatics. IIT works to - provide intelligent algorithmic solutions/models/methodologies/tools/software for application domains; - devise efficient and/or effective data processing algorithms for data intensive domains; - develop intelligent analysis solutions for large datasets; - optimise algorithmic solutions for domain specific problem.


  • Associate Professor Ickjai Lee, School of Business (IT), Cairns
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Bruce Litow, School of Business (IT), Townsville
  • Dr. Kyungmi (Joanne) Lee, School of Business (IT), Cairns
  • Dr. Jason Holdsworth, School of Business (IT), Cairns
  • Dr. Insu Song, School of Business (IT), Singapore
  • Dr. Yok Yen Nguwi, School of Business (IT), Singapore



  • Ickjai Lee, Enterprise Connect Project, "eCloud: environmental Cloud", 2012-2013
  • Ickjai Lee, Smart Futures Fund, "Always-connected, Always-aware, always-informed in Rural and Regional Australia: The Digital Homestead", 2012-2014, movie
  • Insu Song, Grand Challenges Explorations Grant, "Developing Early Child Health Intervention Program Using Breathing Sound", 2011



  • Christopher Torpelund-Bruin, PhD, "Making Dumb Appliances Smart for Energy Consumption Reduction", principal advisor: Ickjai Lee
  • Ye (Kris) Wang, PhD, "Geovisual Analytics of Dynamic Higher Order Information", principal advisor: Ickjai Lee
  • Nazir Mohamed, PhD, "Smart eCommerce in Virtual World", principal advisor: Kyungmi Lee
  • Guochen Cai, PhD, "Tourist Behaviour Mining from Geo-tagged Photos", principal advisor: Kyungmi Lee
  • Dongzhi Zhang, Honours, "Efficient Interpolation for Smart Cities/Homes", principal advisor: Ickjai Lee
  • Adrian Shatte, Honours, "Library Augmented Reality System", principal advisor: Jason Holdsworth

Journal Publications (2012 onwards)

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