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The Wallace Initiative

Task: to provide a website where interested parties can access biodiversity and climate data both current and predicted with respect to various global climate models (GCMs) and C02 emission scenarios. The data is to be displayed graphically as an overlay on google maps as well as being available for download from the site. There are approximately 350,000 datasets on the site.

As it currently stands, the website is a prototype/proof of concept demonstration site; it shows climate predictions across 19 climate variables for four timelines, seven GCMs and six emission scenarios as well as biodiversity densities for 50,000 species, across four timelines and two emission scenarios. This is expected to change with more GCMs being considered as well as increasing the number of species and climate variables. This will bring with it new challenges in terms of scale and also interface design.

Below are a few screen-shots from the site:





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