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Tropical Data Hub: Data North

A greater proportion of the Australian economy is likely to be supported by Northern Australia by 2040.
Tropical Data Hub: Data North


Australia’s long-term security and regional stability depends on northern Australia.

To best capitalise on this growth potential we need to leverage existing knowledge,  data and best practices - the products of past investments, to encourage new investments from both the public and private  sectors. However, efforts to progress investment, innovation and change are hindered by the lack of a single repository from which coherent  and linked data associated with tropical Australia can be accessed. Instead, researchers, government and importantly private investors are forced to spend significant time and effort manually searching and synthesiseing disparate datasets, or worse, re-collect or re-create data.

This unnecessarily complicates and hampers the process of discovering the core data needed to explore project viability – let alone  innovation and change.

Read the complete Tropical Data Hub: Data North (PDF) discussion paper and learn how we're increasing productivity and innovation for all.