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  • The Reef

    Sensing the reef

    We're monitoring the reef's ecosystem through our sensor networks. As climate change occurs, scientists need to know what is happening at the remotest regions of our reefs. Read more...

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    Supporting your research

    JCU eResearch collaborates with other Queensland and Australian organisations to provide you with the environments and tools you need to work more effectively. Read more...

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    Web services

    Get in touch with us to provide your research group or organisation with a web-based collaborative presence. Whether it's sharing data or communicating effectively, we can deliver. Read more...

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    3D Visualisation

    Our state-of-the-art facilities allow you to see your visualisation data in multiple dimensions, in real-time. See what you've been missing. Read more...

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    Coastline management

    Working with city councils and other organisations alike, JCU eResearch can put you at the forefront. Monitor your environment and keep track of changes as they occur. Read more...

About us

The JCU eResearch Centre supports researchers, University staff, and other organisations alike through developing customised solutions.  Ask us about web collaboration, sensor networking, high performance computing, and software development.


Warning on websites offering fake royal titles and priesthoods for a price

Making friends and securing dinner reservations is never a problem when you're a Lord.

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Post-Yasi website to keep people informed

Post-Yasi website to keep people informed

James Cook University has developed a one-stop internet site for those seeking information during natural disasters.

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Scientists to revolutionise climate change research

Queensland scientists have developed a prototype they say will revolutionise the way climate change is monitored across the planet.

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Uni researchers track down algal blooms: despite global research, the sensors remain expensive

A TEAM of scientists is developing a hi-tech sensor network platform for environmental monitoring that will dramatically cut the cost by thousands of dollars to just under $1000 a unit.

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Tackling high cost of research

Information Technology scientists at James Cook University are developing a high-tech sensor network platform for environmental monitoring that will cut the cost from being extremely expensive, to under $1,000 a unit.

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How to be Scam Savvy

Dr. Jarrod Trevathan was interviewed by Lorraine Horsley on ABC Goldfields Morning program as part of National Consumer Fraud Week.

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